Committee Chairs

Chapter Year 6/1/17 - 5/31/18: 

Sponsorship Committee
Shaun Johnson, Owner
Dingus, Zarecor and Associates
Spokane, WA   99206
Phone:  509-242-0874

Program Chair
Chad Turner; CFO
Star Valley Medical Center
Afton, WY   83110
Phone:  307-887-5854

DCMS and Founders Contact
Ron Bach, Vice President Marketing
Collection Center, Inc.
Rawlins, WY
Phone:  307-417-6345

Certification Contact
Curtis Dugger, CHFP, CFO
Memorial Hospital of Converse County
Douglas, WY
Phone: 307-358-7367

Jefferson Watters, Director of Business Development
BOLDER Healthcare Solutionss
Louisville, KY
Phone:  502-541-8185